Fruitburst pitch Illustration circa 1999…

June 6, 2012

Fruit burst

Fruitburst pitch illustration

I’m pushing the way back button to 1999 on this image. This was a style frame for a pitch that won us the Fruitburst 30 sec TVC contract involving live action, 2d traditional animation and CG elements. Essentially the commercial depicted the “Taste bud Surfers” who rode the giant fruit juice waves inside your mouth. The traditionally animated characters resided in a world of bright colors and tropical fruits… a veritable paradise of exotic flavors. Listen to me… I’m starting to sound like an ad man.
Oh for the days when you could produce a simple illustration for an agency pitch rather than a treatment, fully rendered style frames, initial animatic and (sometimes) CG motion test and be competing against three, four or five companies.
I love the “fails” section on the Psyop website which they boldly display, tongue firmly in cheek:
There is such a wealth of beautiful lost work here. The pitches were unsuccessful for reasons I can’t begin to fathom considering their quality. All I can say is what approach actually won the pitch in each case?!

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