Umanoid versus Blancomat

July 27, 2012

As often as I can find the time I love to sketch. After being immersed in the complex virtual 3d world of Maya it’s so gratifying sometimes to get back to the honest simplicity of pencil and paper. I feel very blessed to have had awesome drawing tutors like Graeme Bennett and Michael Reed from Christchurch Polytechnic during my tertiary art training in the late eighties.They taught me valuable lessons on “seeing” the subject rather than being concerned with effects on a page. It was truly an eye opener and has stayed with me throughout my career.
This piece was to honor Michael Uman and Luis Blanco from Interspectacular who were amazing enough to house me in their Broadway studio for almost four years. This was part of an ongoing theme of portraits created by their many illustrator friends. I depicted them as super heroes.

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