Toaster World Concept Art.

November 27, 2012

Another sketch in my back catalog of pitch drawings. I can’t remember what it was for except it had to show what happens inside your toaster. I imagined it to be a little factory where small minions would apply various heating tools to cook the toast before it was ejected awaiting the next slice of bread.
I had one day to design and render the drawing hence the mix of blue under-sketching, pencil, ink for the really dark areas and white paint for touch-ups. It is by far the fastest, if not the cleanest, way to get a drawing done because you can over-draw three times correcting as you go and then touch up the messy bits at the end. The final product is not what I call an aesthetically pleasing drawing but nonetheless it’s a very efficient method for visualizing.
I have this in my concept art miscellaneous section along with other “one-offs”.

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