LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who Title Sequence

March 30, 2016

Being the sci fi fanboy that I am, I jumped at the chance to redesign the twelfth Doctor Who title sequence in Lego Dimensions.
It was such a labour of love to lay out all the elements in crude form for timings and re-create the iconic one-shot camera sequence while staying true to the Lego graphic language.
Once we had refined the timings and had an accurate spatial layout it was easy for the animator to go back in and add visual gags involving all of the Doctor’s various regenerations.
The initial previs took 3 days.

LEGO Jurassic World: San Diego Docks

Another iconic Jurassic Park sequence retold in the graphic language of Lego.
This time I had to tackle the scene from JP2 where Ludlow delivers his speech on the San Diego docks just as the unmanned Ingen cargo ship barrels in to port unchecked.
Due to gameplay requirements we needed to reposition the characters and action whilst still retaining the frantic and dangerous feel of the original.
The initial previs took three days.

LEGO Jurassic World: T Rex Hunting Gallimimus

Dr. Grant and the kids take shelter from a herd of panicking Gallimimus and then observe the T Rex eating.
It’s satisfying to take a scary and visceral sequence like this one and gently lampoon it for young kids. The original voice stems from the film can take on new and surprising meanings giving you the comedic inspiration.
For low overhead we use unrigged characters for previs. Once I’d created a crude run loop I simply duplicated up the Gallimimus instance until the action felt full and frantic whilst still retaining a lightweight scene.
The initial previs took two days.

LEGO Jurassic World: T Rex attacks the kids’ jeep

This was one of my favourite set pieces in the original movie so I was very happy to be charged with the task of prevising it.
One of the problems I struck In this sequence was getting the T Rex to circle around the stalled jeep so we could line her up for the classic “monster face through the window” moment.
Because we edit down the original scene to it’s essential elements this can sometimes create editing and continuity issues which need to be resolved in previs.
This is why it’s essential for a good previs artist to be well grounded in cinematic conventions.
The initial previs took three days.