During my time at TT Games I’ve had my name credited on the hugely successful Jurassic World Lego game – released in June 2015 to tie in with Universal’s summer blockbuster. I was fortunate enough to previs some key iconic sequences from the original movies, balancing homage with Lego’s fun and irreverent sense of parody.
Since then I’ve worked on additional content for Lego’s dynamic “toys to game” property – Dimensions – prevising sequences for such famous IPs as Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, The Simpsons and Portal.
Recently I’ve worked on Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens including several sequences that required level art previs in addition to camera animation and staging. This allowed me full control over the camera frame composition and how the action plays out in relation to environment. The game has been phenomenally successful, staying on top of the games charts since it’s June 2016 release.
I’ve found my past experience in direction and character animation for commercials to be invaluable in prevising cinematics. The goal is the same in both disciplines – to create succinct narratives that keep viewers engaged during the links between sections.
Having done 3D animatics in advertising, I’m used to using fast (and free) techniques for quickly visualising a sequence – including using my own voice for unrecorded dialogue and sound effects, collecting crude models and footage from the internet and producing stand in geometry and particle systems.
I’ve used my experience in remotely directing animation teams to work with other departments at TT Games in troubleshooting issues with missing and ‘broken’ level art, assets and particle effects in the game engine. I’ve also worked directly within the game engine to produce camera effects, such as depth of field and lens distortion.
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