/ concept art

I’ve always loved drawing and visualising imagined worlds, designing quirky characters and storyboarding scripts. It’s a very simple and direct way to organize your thoughts before the laborious 3D process goes into full swing.
An intrinsic part of the initial design concepts for Comfort was client presentable concept art. I had the good fortune, right through the campaign, to work very creatively with Ogilvy & Mather, on new character, prop and environment designs within the established Cloth World template.
Whether it’s Andy’s tour bus or the Chrysler Building inspired cloth skyscapers of Silk City, I enjoyed incorporating a deco aesthetic within this framework that became the blueprint for all design work.
With character design, I’m fascinated with creating convincing personalities that have instant audience empathy. Sometimes low end budgets have prevented me from designing unique characters so I’ve directed my team to construct new characters out of separate body parts. For example, Andy’s mother (as featured in the Mother in Law spot in the archive section) was made by taking Andy’s head, changing the hair and grafting it onto the body of a secondary female character.
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