Cirkus performers preliminary sketches.

November 20, 2012

Sometimes I prefer my initial roughs to the finished concept art. Preliminary sketches can retain a freshness and directness that hours of painstaking colour, tone and texture addition can often detract from. In the case of my Cirkus performers concept art I started out with studying and comparing the heads of the first six Cirkus …continue reading →

Cirkus performers illustration, version 2.

November 16, 2012

Finally finished my Cirkus performers illustration after adding in Romain Borrel as the Human Cannonball, Kate Goodwin as the Hoopdiver, Priyan Jayahama as the Mime Artist and Sandesh Codhudu as the Firebreather. All in all a really interesting exercise in combining gentle caricatures with well recognized circus professionals. In the end I decided to depict …continue reading →

Cirkus performers illustration.

October 29, 2012

Just for drawing practice I created this high resolution illustration of some of my Cirkus co-workers using their respective titles as inspiration. Having worked with this amazing crew for years, it was fun to create some sympathetic caricatures of them. Our email addresses all have self-designated circus themed titles e.g. I’m the strongman. I wanted …continue reading →

Shell Promotion 15 sec. (New Zealand / PAL)

September 14, 2012

Another late 90s example of a quaint variation on a global company’s brand. Can you imagine Shell – a massive global petroleum company with a strictly policed branding manual allowing a small promotion like this to be made nowadays. Commisioned by JWT in Auckland, New Zealand in 1998 this spot is essentially a retail promotion …continue reading →

Zybars 15 sec. (New Zealand / PAL)

Another fun project from 1998 for Mojo in Auckland, New Zealand. To advertise a new energy bar that’s “out of this world” the agency wanted to depict the viewer as a future interplanetary voyager frustrated at being stuck behind a huge lumbering space haulage vessel. The viewer tries in vain to overtake at one point …continue reading →