Cirkus performers illustration, version 2.

November 16, 2012

Finally finished my Cirkus performers illustration after adding in Romain Borrel as the Human Cannonball, Kate Goodwin as the Hoopdiver, Priyan Jayahama as the Mime Artist and Sandesh Codhudu as the Firebreather. All in all a really interesting exercise in combining gentle caricatures with well recognized circus professionals. In the end I decided to depict Felicia more realistically than I’d done in the first version. Doing sympathetic caricatures of women, I found out, is a lot harder to do than men and still retain their good looks.
For the full story please go to the concept art section where I have separated out the individual performers and included an actual photograph of the person in each case as a comparison. As always comments are welcome.

The entire cast of the Cirkus led by our demented EP and Ringmaster – Marko Klijn.

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