Cirkus performers illustration.

October 29, 2012

Just for drawing practice I created this high resolution illustration of some of my Cirkus co-workers using their respective titles as inspiration. Having worked with this amazing crew for years, it was fun to create some sympathetic caricatures of them. Our email addresses all have self-designated circus themed titles e.g. I’m the strongman. I wanted the drawings to reflect the dark and off kilter appearance of real vintage circus performer photographs. Everyone has a rather manic look to them! From left to right: Felicia Brunstig as the Lion Tamestress, Christian Greet as the Juggler, Marko Klijn as the insane Ringmaster, Layne Howe as the Knifethrower, Me as the Strongman and Chris Lyne as the Daredevil. Watch this space as I still have four more characters to design and illustrate!

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