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Cirkus Xmas card 2012

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Instead of the usual job titles like animator or compositor, Cirkus have self designated circus performer titles. It’s part of the way in which they include everyone into the creative process by not differentiating between “ranks”. Everyone has a creative say rather than simply being hired hands doing that part of the process they’re technically best at. I think it’s the reason the work at Cirkus is so eclectic and interesting. They get to work on all the stages of the job meaning new projects always feel fresh.
Besides you get a kick out of printing something like “Human Cannonball” on a business card.
I really wanted to gently caricature my co-workers at the time depicting them as the circus performer they chose when they originally joined the company. It was an interesting exercise because it became increasingly apparent to me, as I was designing the characters, that each person subconsciously chose the title they felt suited them best, either actually or ironically. The characters seemed to design themselves.