Comfort Cloth World Guitar Hero.

December 11, 2012

For the 2010 Comfort Cloth World TVC called “Freshometer” Andy has a televised guitar play off with his nemesis… the guitar rock god – Slash (no relation). For Slash, I put together this piece of concept art together very quickly to sell the idea through to client.
Because Slash doesn’t have any lines we only needed to create facial blendshapes for certain expressions rather than phonemes for lip syncing. I created these along with the (slightly) dynamic hair.
Time and budget were so tight on this production that we hardly even had time for previs so a lot of the scenes went straight into character animation. Still, it worked out well in the end and client was happy.

In addition I created simple side, three quarter, and front drawings to help our modeler construct the head. The joke being he’s actually bald with his flowing rocker’s cloth mane attached to the inside of the hat. We see this when he collapses from “lack of freshness” at the end.

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