Comfort “Cloth World” Sweat Germ.

December 10, 2012

For Comfort Cloth World’s release in India in 2010, I created a new character. In the 15 second TVC called “Antibac”, featured in my SPOTS section, Andy walks out into the street on a blisteringly hot day. He is soon plagued by a slimy cloth sweat germ made of old socks. Comfort comes to the rescue and flattens it.
I had a lot of fun over the course of a day designing and drawing up the character in two different views for our modeler to go to work on. Unfortunately the client didn’t like the one big eye so it wound up with two smaller eyes in the final production. A shame but c’est la guerre!
Animating it was a lot of fun as we put some cool lip controllers and a sloppy tongue in the rig. Kevin – the agency creative, asked for the lips to feature a large zip so there’s something disconcertingly gimp(ish) about it. I looked at images of amoeba and bacteria for inspiration.

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