Comfort Ultra Viral (Indonesia/PAL)

As an accompaniment to Ogilvy’s flagship 45 sec. Molto Q TVC, Cirkus were commissioned to create five viral shorts designed to support the campaign online. The virals explain the benefits of all five individual Comfort brands being incorporated into the Molto product.
I had the responsibilty of directing these shorts which present Q as the consummate scientist. He’s not willing to use test subjects in his Comfort experiments without first undergoing the rigorous procedures himself, much to the chagrin of his very capable, but confused co-worker.
In this episode we see him endure the Comfort Ultra isolation tank. Despite 14 days locked up in a zen like state he still emerges fresh and fragrant, complete with new beard!
I was on direction, previs and animation duties.
At the conclusion of each viral, Q calls out for the next experiment to be conducted.