Healtheries High Score 15 sec. (New Zealand / PAL)

July 24, 2012

Recently I’ve been nostalgically sorting through old project data on various formats and I came across this one for Healtheries. I did this on a tiny budget back in 1999 for DDB when I was one of the partners in FAT, New Zealand. Back then a lot of things appeared on TV that would never appear nowadays. Agencies, at least in New Zealand, were happy to create little TV ads and were not scared to experiment by letting you go lateral and bring something different to the table. Unless they had a budget of course and they’d be very much a part of the process.
This spot was for a vitamin C tablet called Boost Immunity. Designed as a retro (for the time) Sega Megadrive scrolling platform game it depicts a battle inside the human body against all sorts of creepy crawly bacteria and viruses.

What I would give to redo this today as an all 3d animated 30 seconder!

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