Lego Force Awakens cutscene movie

July 23, 2016

It always impresses me how dedicated Lego fans are. Within a day of the official release of the The Force Awakens movie a kind soul had uploaded a full length cutscene movie to youtube with all of our hard work online for fans to see. The upload time in itself would be huge let alone grabbing the footage in between game play and assembling it into an edited coherent sequence. Well, whoever they are… god bless ’em I say.
The Force Awakens was a joy to work on from start to finish. Considering what a high profile release it was with all the industry secrecy that that entails, I think we managed to get scenes that felt very close, in essence, to the original shots. Couple that with some of the funniest sight gags and one liners we’ve produced so far and I’m convinced it’s the best game I’ve worked on.

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