Vinamilk Pitch Concept Art.

December 13, 2012

Vinamilk is a Vietnamese acidophilus jogurt drink for kids. We were asked to direct a 30 second TVC starring good cop bacteria and bad juvenile delinquent bacteria situated in an imaginary town in the lower intestine. In order to pitch for the spot we decided to create concept art for the two characters and environment.
The inspiration behind the good cop bacteria, apart from the obvious microscopic images of e.coli and paramecia, was everyone’s favorite Irish flat foot New York cop – Chief O’Hara from the 1960’s Batman TV series. For those of you too young to remember this show here’s an image…

Keeping this idea firmly in the back of my mind, I drafted the following concept art.
In retrospect I wish I’d made him fatter…

For the bad juvenile delinquent bacteria I used images of Billy Idol, Japanese punks and viruses. These guys formed a gang of vandals and crooks who were eventually rounded up by the good cop bacteria.

The environment was inspired by Dr. Suess’ “Whosville” and is called “Villiville” after the intestinal villi present in the lower intestine.

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