Zybars 15 sec. (New Zealand / PAL)

September 14, 2012

Another fun project from 1998 for Mojo in Auckland, New Zealand. To advertise a new energy bar that’s “out of this world” the agency wanted to depict the viewer as a future interplanetary voyager frustrated at being stuck behind a huge lumbering space haulage vessel. The viewer tries in vain to overtake at one point almost smacking into an oncoming boy racer. The viewer’s ship can once again hit warp drive only after the vessel turns on an approach trajectory towards Earth.
This type of project is so late ’90s in it’s quirky script and execution. I find myself constantly pining for the “good old days” when clients weren’t so global and fiercely protective of their corporate brand. It made for small regional deviations that could yield some surprisingly creative results. The fact that the New Zealand market was small and more cut off helped to create a lot of interesting variations.

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